Kirtan Playlist

These are Live Recordings of Samagam held at Gurudwara Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib.

The purpose of sharing these recordings with the world is to propagate Gurbani through beautiful music in the purest form, as prescribed by the Gurus (Sikh spiritual masters). It's a treasure and we hope it will be recognized as such by every listener.


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23rd Aug - Aise Gurko Bal Bal Jaiye.mp3

23rd Aug - Dar kade na Chorein.mp3

23rd Aug - Satgur Sang Nahi Mann .mp3


19th Jul - Sri Harkrishan Dehaiye.mp3

19th Jul - Meh kya Janu Baba Re.mp3

19th July - mann peevey sun shabad.mp3

19th July - Mann Mere Satgur Ki Seva La.mp3


Ranjit Singh - SGHK-Ranjit Singh - Khalsa Mero.mp3

Ranjit Singh - SGHK-Ranjit Singh - Simran.mp3

Ranjit Singh - SGHK - Ranjit Singh - Sachee Preet.mp3

Ranjit Singh - SGHK-Ranjit Singh - Mata ki Asis.mp3

Ranjit Singh - Ranjit Singh - Jo Mango.mp3

Ranjit Singh - SGHK - Ranjit Singh - Sagal Pawan.mp3

Ranjit Singh - Ranjit Singh - Naam Bina.mp3

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